Provigil- The Best Narcolepsy Drug

Provigil- The Best Narcolepsy Drug

To treat narcolepsy in people, medication becomes the first treatment followed by therapies or surgeries if it becomes too serious. However, medicines, alone, are usually helpful in treating narcolepsy and improving alertness and other sleep disorders. The best medicine is one which has the maximum benefits and least side effects. The target of any medicine used to treat sleepiness should always be to enhance or at least sustain the normal alertness throughout the day.

To treat mild to moderate sleepiness in patients, Provigil is the best medicine. It improves the alertness and enables the user to use his wisdom and common sense without any obstruction. Provigil's generic name is Modafinil. It is a very effective medicine for reducing sleepiness caused in people suffering from narcolepsy. Provigil comes in two forms:

1. Modafinil or original formulation: It is made up of active as well as inactive compounds

2. Nuvigil: It is made of purified active compounds only.

Modafinil increases the level of dopamine in the brain. It is a wake- promoting chemical which suppresses sleepiness. Provigil increases alertness and the ability of the body to stay awake. It lasts for up to eight hours. It is generally used to remove daytime sleepiness.

Provigil shows fewer side effects. However, it may cause a headache or nausea at times. Serious side effects include severe rashes and insomnia. The patient should be rushed to the doctor immediately if any such side effect occurs. Also, Provigil should be taken only when the doctor prescribes and any misuse should be strictly avoided.


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